we go beyond the drip

Fat Miilk, a Vietnamese coffee story, shaped into existence by inspiring and fearless entrepreneurs and creatives. With transparency and quality as core values, all facets are devoted to storytelling the cultural influence behind every sip of Vietnam’s coffee traditions.

The Fat Miilk experience pays homage to Vietnam’s trying times and enduring victories. With so much goodness (and deliciousness) rooted in centuries of history, its only right the magic is shared with the world. Committed to authenticity and support of local communities, all aspects stay true to Vietnam and the Vietnamese people – from the beans to the farmers to the people behind it.


directly traded and ethically sourced

Fat Miilk beans are sourced directly from Buôn Ma Thuột, the capital city of Đắk Lắk Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The seeds are harvested, handpicked, and processed on our family’s coffee farm. We support local people and have established a direct-trade relationship with our suppliers.

Once the beans are prepped for shipment, they are sent directly to our contracted Vietnamese roaster in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where our proprietary blends are developed and roasted. We teamed up with a specialty coffee roaster to bring out the best Robusta and Arabica profiles most cherished in Vietnamese coffee.